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Elevating Decency, Integrity & Trust for Creatives through Peer Ratings

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10-Second Intro Video

No more catfishing!

Wanna know how authentic the profile you're looking at is?

Well, each Netizaar user must record a 10-second video at signup to introduce themselves. This helps to eliminate false or spammy profiles, and lets you get to know your fellow Netizaar users for who they really are.

No upload from pre-recorded videos on your iPhone Photo album allowed — this ensures all user videos are 100% current and real — pretty cool, eh?!

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Netizaar Score

Character Matters


Trust at your fingertips!

Netizar gives you instant insight into a person’s trustworthiness based on the Netizaar scoring system which ranges from 0-100.


Reward you for trust earned

Your Netizaar score evolves (or devolves) over time as you become more (or less) trustworthy to others. As long as you’re a team player, your score will continue to soar!


Introduce the Netizaar Score

a brand new way to discover how trustworthy your fellow creative professionals are based on peer-sourced probability ratings.

Factuality Ratings

Your truth detective

Fake News is Everywhere!

Participate in Factuality Ratings for each News and Info Post on the Netcast!

Become a more independent thinker by rating each of these posts critically using Netizaar’s Factuality Rating Matrix!

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How Factual is the Stuff you're Reading?

Netizaar’s Factuality Rating bar appears under each and every link posted by users on the Netcast.

This way, you get to decide for yourself what’s worth your precious reading time!

Knowledge is Power.

Empowering yourself with information about the trustworthiness of friends and other professionals puts you in the driver’s seat. Where you belong, of course!